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H A I R  E X T E N S I O N S

We pride ourselves in the level of quality products that we supply and install for all our clients.  We vow that with every installation done at the hands of a Basic Extensions Technician, only the finest, 100% Human Hair (Virgin, Grade 8A, Indian Hair & Grade 8A, Virgin European Hair) is used & hand selected, to ensure that you have the healthiest and most superior quality hair, at affordable prices.

We offer more than 5 different types of installation methods.  This is to ensure that we can accommodate all hair types & hair textures for an all round natural look & comfortable, long lasting wear.  Installation methods offered is Keratin Hair Extensions, Nano Ring Hair Extensions, Micro Ring Hair Extensions, Tape - In Hair Extensions & Clip - In Hair Extensions.

With more than 10 years experience in the hair extensions industry, fully competent & certified in all installation methods offered, we can assure that we will give you a product & service that is damage & pain free.  With the market evolving at high speed, we up skill ourselves constantly to ensure we offer you the best at affordable prices.

I N S T A L L A T I O N  S Y S T E M S

keratin hair extensions

Melt - In Method

A pre - tipped Keratin strand gets melted into your own hair with a fusion iron tool that warms up just enough to melt the keratin onto your hair.  This strand by strand method remains most popular due to it's longevity & diversity.
Installation Time:  3 Hours
Longevity:  Up to 6 months
Removal Time:  30 - 60 Minutes

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Aluminium Rings

Individual strands get installed one by one with little aluminium rings.  The rings are duly coated with a layer of keratin on the outside, with a silicone layer on the inside of the ring for extra protection.  This method requires no heat & no glue.
Installation Time:  3 Hours
Longevity:  Up to 3 months
Removal Time:  30 - 60 Minutes

Tape In Hair Extensions

Double Sided Hair Tape

Hair Extensions get installed by method of tape.  You hair gets sandwiched in between two double sided tape strips that holds the extension hair in place.  This installation system is the latest system, however not very versatile.  This strips of tape limits you with styling your hair in up styles (ponytails) etc.
Installation Time:  2 - 3 Hours
Longevity:  6 - 10 Weeks
Removal Time:  30 - 60 Minutes

Nano Ring Hair Extensions

Copper Rings

Nano Rings are nearly 90% smaller than the Micro Rings.  This installation system involves a pre-tipped strand with a aluminium loop that feeds through the nano ring.  This method is suitable for fine/thinning hair if you prefer the ring method.
Installation Time:  3 Hours
Longevity:  Up to 3 months
Removal Time:  30 - 60 Minutes

Clip In Hair Extensions

Temporary Hair Extensions

If you don't seek permanent hair extensions, clip in extensions are perfect for adding additional length and/or volume to your own hair.  The clip in extensions can be clipped in when you need them and when done, they simply clip out.  Once clipped in, they can be treated like your own hair in terms of styling etc.  They don't require any maintenance and is a more affordable option to have as well.
Installation Time:  10 Minutes
Longevity:  Up to 2 Years
Removal Time:  5 Minutes